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Our next major production

The Holy Trinity Mystery Plays

November 21, 22, 23, and 25 Matinée.

Trinity Players will stage a selection of Plays from across the four great cycles of Mystery Plays telling stories from The Creation to The Nativity.

There is nothing mysterious about the Plays. The name comes from the fact that each short play was performed by local merchants or tradesmen from the craft guilds who referred to their specific skill as a ‘mystery’. They were the original ‘Peoples’ Theatre’ with plenty of opportunity for fun.

Since one of the four surviving great cycles is from Coventry and was still being performed into the late 1560s, it is likely that the good folk of Stratford would have been well aware of them in Shakespeare’s Day.

Originally performed out in the street on a wheeled wagon, we have the beautiful space of Holy Trinity church to present the plays with music, dancing, film, sound and light.

(images from past productions)

dancers2 (002).jpg
NOAH'S ARK (002).tif
God sends a Flood (002).tif
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